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January 2018

Welcome back! We hope you are enjoying a restful holiday

break shared with your family and friends. As expected, we are

off and running.

Contract Ratification The Master Contract between the Santa

Rosa Professional Educators (SRPE) and the Santa Rosa County

School Board (SRCSB), was ratified December 12, 2017. The percentages

were 22% NO votes and 78% YES votes. The ratification

results were presented to the SRCSB at the school board meeting

on Thursday, December 14, 2017.

Most of us have been asked to sign our Service Contract of Employment.

It is always a good practice to make a copy of anything

you are asked to sign. This one page document is not to

be confused with the Master Contract SRPE negotiates on your


There seems to be a misconception over our Salary Placement

Schedule. Several employees are under the impression that the

‘Salary Placement’ schedule (found on page 57 of your Master

Contract with Markups) is a career ladder and that an employee

can predetermine the amount of their salary as they continue

their years of service with our District. This placement schedule

is not a career ladder! It is a simply a placement point for

employees beginning their employment with us for 17-18 and

current grandfathered personnel.

You cannot equate the placement schedule to every employees’

salary. The first bill Gov. Rick Scott signed into law, Senate

Bill 736, rewrote how teachers are paid and retained across the

state. Among other things, this bill was instrumental in holding

each employee accountable for keeping up with their individual

salaries. If you are being over paid (and this does happen), you

will end up repaying our school district, regardless of when this

overpayment was discovered. If you are being UNDERPAID

(and this, too, happens), you have a set time frame in which to

notify the district in order to recover your lost income. Employees

must be diligent in keeping up with their salaries.

So how do I calculate my current salary?

Contact Human Resources to confirm your qualified years of service.

Once your years have been confirmed to be accurate, take

your December 2017 gross monhtly salary from WATER and

multiply it by 12 to find your gross yearly salary. Multiply this

number by your salary increase percentage then add $100.00

(received in August). If you have an advanced degree, once you

calculate your base salary add $2886.00/Masters, $4329.00/Specialist,

or $5772.00/Doctorate.

In Unity

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