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Q:  How do I join SRPE?

A:  Contact your school site Association Representative to become a part of our              professional organization.

     You can fill out and print an electronic Membership Form  to give to your AR.

Q: Why become a member of Santa Rosa Professional Educators, SRPE?

A:  As a union member, you have a strong collective voice for negotiating with    

      employers about pay, benefits, working conditions, and how their jobs get done. Having

      that say and collective voice gives you a union advantage.

Q: What has SRPE done for me?

A: By collective action, we are able to work together to assist our profession as               we deal with the massive changes that are impacting education across this state         and our nation.  Help us work to offset the negative impacts of                                   performance accountability, safe schools assurances, high stakes testing,                   alterations to the FRS pension program, fluctuations in curriculum standards,             changes to our certification requirements and so many other important issues           that continue surfacing to change the face of public education for all educators.

    The benefits listed below happened because of a historical effort to maintain             “one unified voice.”

  • SRPE is your sole bargaining agent! We negotiate your salary, insurance benefits, and working conditions through the Master Contract with the Santa Rosa County  School District. REMEMBER SRPE IS YOUR MAIN VOICE THAT MAINTAINS A CAREER  LADDER AND SALARY SCHEDULE. Our Bachelors’ top pay is the second highest in the panhandle due to our action.

  • SRPE worked with the district to develop the Evaluation Instrument.

  • SRPE negotiates fair and equitable duty assignments.

  • Remember that SRPE negotiated the right for you to have duty free lunch, the 7.5 hour workday for 10 month personnel in our bargaining unit, along with a $20 rebate per month paid back to you for participating in the Blue Rewards Wellness Program to help offset district health insurance costs.

  • SRPE negotiated that 100% of your sick leave days will be paid out at retirement after 13 years of service in the district. We also negotiate the terms for the sick leave bank.

  • SRPE negotiated payment of $15 per hour for Professional Development of     Instructional personnel for applicable service, and $12 per hour for Professional Development of Educational Support personnel for applicable service, such as     attending the New Employee Orientation your first year of employment. Plus, $20 per hour for K-12 after school supplemental instructional programs.

  • SRPE assigns support and representation during grievances. Get the               representation, when you need it! Remember to never attend a disciplinary         meeting without representation or to have your Weingarten Rights Card ready to give them in the event you cannot avoid the meeting. They have to respect your rights and reschedule when you are able to have union representation.

  • SRPE assigns free legal services to all members that have filed a grievance     concerning job related issues.

  • SRPE handles worksite problems and concerns for members at many different  levels.

  • SRPE is available year round to represent and provide benefits to our members.

SRPE meets locally and in Tallahassee with politicians concerning educational issues. We monitor and communicate information to our members regarding     Senate and House bills that affect educators. 

Q: Don't I get all the same benefits SRPE members do even if I don't join the Union? 

A:  No, there is a distinct difference between being a member and being a non      member. Our Federal Government also acknowledges the difference by          enacting the Weingarten Rights.

Q: What are Weingarten Rights, and how does this affect me?

Master Contract


7 Reasons to Join a Union


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