Santa Rosa 
Professional Educators

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July 2017

Where, Oh Where, has SREA Been? As SRPE continues to advocate for you through words and action, where, oh where, has SREA been? ‘Your Choice, Your Voice’ has been silent, not even a whisper of advocation for you, our instructional and education support employees. SRPE has and continues to work diligently in negotiating a fair and reasonable salary increase for our bargaining unit, yet, where, oh where, has SREA been? Why hasn’t it jumped aboard the train and assisted on your behalf? When will it begin to advocate for you? Does it only plan on advocating for you if it and it alone is the conductor of the train? SRPE would have and still will welcome its efforts. Shouldn’t we be in this together...for you? How beneficial it could have been if SREA supported you by joining our effort for employees. Joining forces with SRPE would not have prohibited SREA from continuing its campaign. SREA’s failure to work for you is an all too real display of SELF interest rather than YOUR interest.

For months and months, SREA had ample opportunities to advocate for you. There has been a conscious and deliberate effort in not doing so, not one word of advocation in its weekly emails, videos, news journal articles, postal mailings, or Facebook posts. There has not been one callto action and no effort to engage the public on your behalf, our students’ behalf. Even during its public forum grandstanding at school board meetings, the substance of its efforts and FEA’s subsidies have been solely directed towards SREA’s preservation. NOT ONE EFFORT HAS GONE TOWARDS YOUR SALARY IMPROVEMENT.

Two recent examples of how SREA has sabotaged your salary improvement: SRPE produced and published a call to action video encouraging the public to support a competitive wage. Due to a few SREA supporters’ and an SREA charter member’s harassing onslaught of anti-SRPE comments, our public call to action message was buried. The unceasing harassment gave us no other alternative than to block them from interfering with our efforts. Second, another charter SREA member approached the Board to admonish SRPE and our efforts in order to position itself as the organization to negotiate your contract. Did this individual speak for you in questioning the Board’s financial ability to provide a fair and reasonable average 2.77% salary improvement? No, not one word. It was SELF interest, not YOUR interest that was the topic.

‘Your Choice, Your Voice’ is an apt slogan. Only if you choose SREA, will it be your voice. Only then and not before. If you are one of the slightly more than 100 dues paying SREA members,a pressing question to ask your organization is why it has NOT been advocating for your salary improvement. You’ve already chosen, yet SREA has not spoken.

Where, Oh Where, has SREA been? In Orlando. FEA has provided and subsidized SREA leadership’s crash course training.

When you’re casting your ballot you must ask yourself “Am I willing to place my wages, benefits, and working conditions in the hands of crash-course trained, inexperienced, untried, unseasoned and unknown individuals?” Your vote affects us all.

Santa Rosa Professional Educators, SRPE is the RIGHT Choice on the

RIGHT side! The only REAL choice. Each vote affects all.


In Unity